Our Strategies

RPM Investments takes an integrated strategic approach to multifamily investment, based on current market assessments and available opportunities. We focus on providing value-add services in property analysis, acquisition, and development on behalf of our partners.


RPM Investments has established a successful track record of property redevelopment and repositioning. In tandem with our team of consultants, we bring value, fresh ideas and modern designs to each community in order to maximize marketability and resident satisfaction while maintaining low-maintenance costs, energy savings and sustainability. Our consultants have specialized expertise that extends to site design, landscape, exterior materials and finishes, and interior floor plans, materials, lighting and finishes.

Dynamic Market Opportunities

We utilize deep market intelligence to identify target assets that provide opportunity for outsized rent growth leading to above market asset appreciation. Our detailed analytics team helps to identify supply / demand dislocations, underserved markets, and transitioning neighborhoods.


From imagining unique, cohesive designs to building innovative communities from the ground up, we have a contagious passion for developing communities and we're dedicated to creating spaces where people want to be and thrive. Our goal is to develop communities that are financially sound and then imagine, plan, and execute with a focus on shaping an exceptional resident experience. Our team is keenly focused on cost basis and development spread over current market cap rates. We have delivered over 1,000 units with another 825 in its development pipeline.