Jason Berkowitz

Chief Executive Officer - RPM Living Management, Partner

Mr. Berkowitz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for RPM Living, a full-service real estate management company as well as the Co-founder of RPM Living Investments. Mr. Berkowitz founded Roscoe Properties Management in 2002 with the purchase of a ten-unit apartment building near the University of Texas at Austin. Today, RPM has a growing reputation for providing the highest quality of services available to property, asset, and construction management. Jason is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of RPM's portfolio and developing long-term business plans for individual properties, including capital improvement programs and other value-enhancing initiatives. He also works closely with management staff to maximize the total revenue, both rental and ancillary, and to facilitate a cost-conscious environment.

Prior to RPM, Jason joined the brokerage team at Investors Alliance. He sold over $50 million in commercial real estate within a two-year period.